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Kalman Filters in Robot Localization

We gave a seminar on Kalman Filters in Robot localization as a part of our Artificial Intelligence Course. To get a feel of the exact working, we implemented a basic version of Kalman Filters in Javascipt. We implemented 3 different versions which show why Kalman Filter works:

  • Prediction Only version This version signifies why both prediction and correction are necessary
  • Covariance Zero version In continuation with the above version, we made the covariance zero, as a result the green blob doesn't change in size
  • Final version This is the complete version with implemented algorithm.

Malware Detection in Android

This was a mini project which I was working with Prof. Mythili Vutukuru. The goal was to try and refine Malware Detection in Android. We managed to reverse engineer an app and extract permissions used by the app. We used a large dump of malware apps, to figure out which combination of permissions are frequented together in a malicious app. This was essentially a step towards seeing if the Kirin rules of practical malware detection still work.


Teamflowy is a django based team management software. Made as a part of course project on Databases Lab. It gives some awesome analytics! File an issue if you need some more


TSHN i.e Top Stories of Hacker News is a tool which scrapes the front page of Hacker News every 15 min. It combines all the top stories from the last 24 hours and displays it sorted via karma-points the stories have earned. You can check a live demo here. Not being hosted anymore :(

Car Pool

Car Pool is a PHP based car pooling webapp. It is currently based on inter city locations and boasts of covering all Tier-I,II,III cities. A simple minimalist UI which ranks users and categories them according to estimated fuel saved by using the web app!

You can as well look into some of my hacks which are turned into blog posts here

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