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How to “Push It Good” to Git

A couple of days back I saw a tweet regarding Push it to Good to Git in MAC. It was interesting so I built up a quick hack to emulate the same on linux.

I was initially looking to use Sound Cloud API coz well spotify doesn’t work in India yet! Just then yesterday Dilawar wrote an interesting post on configuring Music Player Daemon on WnCC Google Group So I just wrote a mini bash to emulate the push it to good to git for MAC!

What does this do?

Everytime you push to your repository via pushit, it’ll play the Push it By Salt N Pepa song! Oh ofcourse you can change the song to your own favorite version by tweaking the bash file!


	// Configure MPC and download all the dependencies from gist!
	chmod +rx pushit
	sudo mv pushit /usr/bin/


Use pushit {branch-name} instead of git push origin {branch-name}


Code The entire code with dependencies is up on gist

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