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GSoC in Project CSymPy

Well its endsem time and probably the first time I’m quite happy during this period. I’ve been selected for GSoC under the organization SymPy.

I will be working for the project CSymPy in enhancing the elementary functions module. And well I will be mentored by the awesome Ondrej Certík

##Project Description Currently there are very few functions implemented in CSymPy. I aim to extend the module of the elementary functions further, on the similar lines of SymPy . I expect to implement a certain subset of special functions which are already implemented in SymPy. Since CSymPy is particularly new, almost all the special functions have certain dependencies. The project aims in developing a modular architecture to first implement the dependencies and then develop the special functions.

##Timeline I have discussed my timeline in quite some details both in SymPy mailinglist and on gitter. My proposal is here This might get refined a bit during the ongoing community bonding period!

##Road Ahead Officially GSoC starts from May 19, well but we would probably start shipping in code post endsems. If you are free this summer and would love to contribute, feel free to catch us up at gitter. We will help you get started. Till then sayonara, will continue posting updates hopefully each week! :)

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