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This Week in CSymPy: #8

Week 8 for GSoC just ended. I’m particularly pleased that I’ve managed to get a basic version of Complex Module merged into master.


I hadn’t made much progress last week as I was traveling back home. So I had only managed to implement some of the functions. This week I implemented all the virtual functions which were necessary. Updated Complex::from_mpq to return the appropriate instance of Complex and Rational. Pull 223 implemented the basic version of complex module.

I also noticed that some of the files I had commented out earlier had a mismatched tab configuration. So I fixed the mismatch identation for all the files in the project. Pull 242 fixed this issue.

While writing tests for the Complex Module, I noticed that there was no explicit divide by zero check in the code and as a result, on division by zero, we were getting a coredumped. This issue was filed as #239 which was subsequently fixed via Pull 241.

After some fixes and adding divide by zero checks in the complex module, the Pull 223 was merged. With this in place, we can perform all basic operations on complex integers as well as rationals. The only exception being pow. It was decided that complex pow shouldn’t evaluated by default. Also since the current definition of pow returns a RCP<const Number> so it needs to be refactored to account the current design.

The Week Ahead

Make sure complex module works with all other submodules of CSymPy and add tests accordingly. Pull 248 has been started to deal with this.

Thats all for now :) Will get back next week!

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