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GSoC Week 12: Wrapping Up

This week was primarily focussed on adding the remaining special classes I had proposed in my proposal

The special function module primarily included:

  • Zeta function
  • Gamma function
  • Tensor function


In continuing with interfacing ARB from the previous week, PR 265 was also meant to add the Zeta Module. The Zeta Module primarily comprised of:

  • Reimann-Zeta
  • Dirichlet_Eta

This PR was merged after Ondrej reviewed the ARB interfacing and its use case in Bernoulli number and the Zeta Module.

After the Zeta Module, I sent a pull request, PR 267 to implement the Tensor Module. The Tensor Module primarily comprised of:

  • KroneckerDelta
  • LeviCivita

KroneckerDelta makes uses of the Assumptions Module to define some more properties such as is_above_fermi is_below_fermi. These were not implemented as we donot have assumptions module yet in CSymPy.

LeviCivita accepts variable number of arguments, so it is implemented via a vector arg (vec_basic).

The final module to be added is the Gamma Module. It comprises of :

  • Gamma
  • Upper Gamma
  • Lower Gamma

PR 269 is implementing the Gamma Module. Currently only Gamma is implemented.

The Week Ahead

Complete the 2 small classes and get them reviewed!

Thats all for now :) Will get back next week!

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