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The Angrezi Pub (TAP): Bandra Review

Address: 3rd Floor, Link Square Mall, Linking Road, Above Global Fusion, Bandra West, Mumbai

Telephone: 022 33956196

Cuisines: Mexican, Italian, North Indian

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


Continuing to explore new places, this time as a part of our ERR meet, we decided to give TAP a try. It was a Saturday and we met for lunch. I fortunately managed to reach just in time, before food was about to be ordered.


Can’t help traveling so much to satisfy my taste buds, almost all awesome food places are in Western line and I stay back on the central one. About a kilometer away from the Bandra railway station, the mall is pretty easy to find once you catch a rick. Well the trouble started here. Without giving a thought I entered the mall, only realizing later that the entrance is from outside the mall. Just outside the mall, there is a small banner signifying the way inside. Moving through a small alley, you reach near a lift, which takes you the final destination.


Enter inside and you are greeted by a fleet of stairs. The surrounding wall is adorned with hangings of b&w pictures of some of the most greatest artists of all time and their famous quotes. If you’re a sport freak, with quite a high probability you might find your sports idol up there too :) Finally after a not so long ascend, you find the reception and a couple of variants of seating arrangements, open and a closed one. I inquired and found that our gang is waiting inside, so did not venture to give a look to the other seating. There was a mix of arrangement inside too. There was a half sofa- chair combination, on the other end you could also find some high table-stool combination.

Apart from this, the menu card also holds a special attraction. It has differential albeit static pricing menu. So the prices vary according to the day and time. Three categories – cheapest one during the day, next during Sun-Thurs, and the most expensive on Fri-Sat. Interesting pricing structure, I would give them that. The menu also spans three categories: Mexican, Continental and Indian.


Starters: For the vegans we ordered the TAP Special Veg Platter and the others ordered Non-Veg Tex Mex Platter. The non-veg variant included Chicken Tenders, Chicken Skewers, Chicken Wings and Fries. The fries were crispy. Chicken wings was the take from the non-veg platter, it was succulent, deep fried to a perfect golden brown. The chicken skewers and tenders were strictly okay, couldn’t eat beyond a single piece.

The veg platter comprised of Tex Mex Rolls, Onion Rings, Stuffed Mushrooms, Bruschetta and fries. The veg platter was almost inconsistent with the preparation made. Onion rings weren’t the expected golden brown color. Slightly over fried. The Bruschetta was decent, it had chopped tomatoes and olives. Having suffered a twin blow, I refrained from trying the veg platter further.

Next the vegans ordered Teriyani Paneer Burger, Naughty Nachos and we ordered Murgh Ghilafi Seekh Kabab.

Teriyani Paneer Burger: One of the best presented dishes of the day. The greased butter on the upper bun gave a shiny look. The dripping of teriyaki sauce almost gave it a foodgasmic look. Well that was perhaps the best part about it. It was just an average burger. The teriyaki burger didn’t have a slightest hint of taste of teriyaki.

Naughty Nachos: Well there is nothing much left to comment when Nachos have ppm (read parts per million) cheese. The chips were just fine and crispy. This dish was competing for the biggest disaster for the day.

Murgh Gilafi Seekh Kebab: It was the highlight of the entire affair. Served with green chutney, it just looked awesome with little traces of red, yellow and green pepper. It added to the taste as well. It was literally unresistable. One of my mates who was just out from a root canal couldn’t stop herself from trying it _

Drinks: We ordered for a series of mocktails. Priced at INR 109 these seemed to be decent fare. I had ordered a Tornado which was quite refreshing after a long travel to the restaurant.


I would say it was not the best day for their service. The servers had to be reminded a couple of times to give the menu cards. Also there was quite a bit of fumbling with the orders.


  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Food: 3/5
  • Service: 2/5
  • VFM: 3/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5

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