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Tambe Arogya Bhawan

Address: Near Patil Buiding, N C Kelkar Road, Dadar West, Mumbai

Telephone: 022 24325611

Cuisines: Maharashtrian, Street Food

Overall Rating: 4/5


This was a visit long awaited. Thanks to the Rain Gods for showing some mercy, we were finally able to go on a Maharashtrian breakfast spree. The first stop was Tambe Arogya Bhawan.

A small unassuming place hidden in the crowded streets of Dadar. You almost fail to notice it unless you’re actually looking for it. Opened up in 1944 (mind you, thats even before Independence), this is a place which has been there since 3 generations. This place demands its story to be told. All the operations are manned by an Elegant Maharastrian lady, Hemalini Tambe. She has been managing TAB for over 30 years and fondly remembers being called Tambe Vahini by the regulars. Pointing out to me, she says for kids like me, I’ve now become Tambe Aaji. With such humbleness you realise why this place deserves an iconic stature.


Featuring an old world look, the place is sparsely filled with “benches” and huge ceiling fans. Food is served on steel plates giving it a much homely feeling. We were pretty early so the place wasn’t really crowded at that time. Down the years the overall functioning hasn’t changed much, the order was still taken on a chit of paper and the bill was also hand written.


When visiting such iconic places, I just turn a blind eye on the ambiance part and focus solely on the food.

Misal-Pav: A typical Puneri Misal with a Poha Base. The sev was not your usual farsan which is offered in some places. The usal was well made. Overall it had a slight spicy flavor which added to the taste.

Kothimbir Vadi: I’ve never been a huge fan of Kothimbir Vadi. But this Kothimbir Vadi just looked irrestible and I had to try it. There were 4 vadis served with a red chutney. It was crunchy at the crust and soft at the core, which enhanced the eating experience. Hands down one of the best Kothimbir Vadis I had ever had.

Piyush: For those who are unaware, Piyush can be though of as our good old Shrikhand in a liquid form. After having it, I clearly realized I was missing one awesome drink my whole life. If you are like me and haven’t tried it yet, I’ve only 2 words: MUST TRY.


The service was prompt. The servers knew the menu in and out. We had asked for a Masala doodh without sugar, the server promptly replied that it is prepared in advance and it wouldn’t be possible to serve it without sugar. The lady behind the counter is ever-smiling and more than willing to strike a conversation but she did make her good-old quality check by asking us whether we loved the food.

The entire food fare costs us about INR 150. Money well spent.

If you find yourself near Dadar Station, just mindlessly head to this place and have some authentic Marathi delicacies.


Ambiance: 2/5 Food: 4/5 Service: 4/5 VFM: 5/5 Overall: 4/5

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