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The Dhaba Cafe Review

Address: Shop 2, Nakshatra Speces, Gadkari Road, Talao Pali, Naupada, Thane West

Telephone: 022 30151779

Cuisines: Cafe, American, North Indian, Italian, Beverages

Overall Rating: 4/5


It’s been a while since I pseudo relocated to Thane. It was about time I started hunting for them cute board game cafes. The Dhaba Cafe opened up a few months back and invited me for a bloggers table. That’s when the Dhaba Cafe caught my eye and I decided to give them a visit.

Located right across the lake, the cafe does score some good points on their location. Beat the heat with some hip ginger beer and binge on the games. Later when the sun disappears, enjoy the cool breeze at the lake!

We visited the cafe for a late lunch. Kick-started our food coma by drinking the ginger beer (non-alcholic for the uninitiated). They were available in a variety of flavors, choose yours wisely! Ginger is highly recommended if ginger is your thing or else you can stick to the fruity ones such as Cranberry.

We then called upon a medley of mojitos. The green apple mojito was missing out on the subtle green apple taste. Red Melon was by far the favorite amongst everyone. Perfect to beat the summer vibes.

The Dhaba Cafe boasts a plethora of chaats on their menu. Quite a few of these are fusion chats, mixing elements from different cuisines. Ideal for munching around while dealing your next round of UNO.

  1. Kebab Chat: Finely minced crispy kebabs, mixed with chopped onion/tomato and generously topped with sev. One of the best offerings, it has the right mix of texture and taste and certainly leaves you hanging for more.

  2. Cheese Traingles: Pringle-like wafers topped with the mashed potato/tomato/onion mixture and topped with heavenly amount of grated cheese.

  3. Dahi Katori Chat: You can’t simply have a chat menu and not feature this one. A medley of different dahi chutneys, the usual mashed potato/tomato/onion mixture and lots of sev filled in the core of bite-sized katoris. If only draw-2 in UNO actually referred to these katoris.

We then moved over to the mains section:

  1. Tandoori Maggi: A soupy maggi sans any tandoor. If soupy maggi is your comfort food, this should hit right at home for you!

  2. Maggi Pasta Fusion: An experiment gone awry is how we would call this dish. Maggi literally inflatrating an otherwise poorly done white pasta. Not a lot things going right with this one, so can be avoided.

  3. Maharaja Paneer Pizza: A nanza variant with soft chunks of paneer, bell pepper and dripping cheese. Definitely instagrammable, if thats your thing! Definitely recommended.

  4. Pav Bhaji Bombs: A close cousin of the famous Masala Pav. Pavs literally drenched in butter, beware USA might eye on invading the bomb. Adding to the spicy bhaji, makes up for a hearty classic pav bhaji!

Also managed to chug some drinks on the side:

  1. Pani Puri Shots: A fairly common dish now, with some hip flavors. A sucker for garlic, the flavor works with pani-puri too. How else do you plan to celebrate your UNO win, bottoms up them all pani-puris.

  2. Freak Shakes: We tried the oreo and the kit-kat variants. Insta-worthy and bound to satisfy your dessert craving!

Overall if you’re looking to chill with your squad, head over to Dhaba Cafe and have a good time!

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