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Delhi Highway: Sakinaka Review

Address: Shop 3, Varsha building, JP Road, Seven Bungalows, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai

Telephone: 022 30151813

Cuisines: Cafe, Italian, Continental, Fast Food

Overall Rating: 4/5


Travelling across the metro line, amidst all the chaotic traffic, a dimly lit board of Delhi Highway takes your attention. Its huge glass doors give you a glimpse of the grandeur it offers. On reaching home, a quick search presented me the droolworthy thali to mark this place in my must-visit list.


A grand entrace with a high ceiling and amazing drapery. The seating is exquisite and there are various table size options to cater for most needs.


  • Travelling from BKC to Sakinaka takes its toll on you. We were welcomed with a Virgin Mojito. Quite refreshing after those crazy Mumbai traffic. A quick tip would be to keep this drink handy throughout the meal. After all we were there to gobble down a thali.

  • Up next was Tomato Basil Shorba. If you are like me, you like them tomato soups thick and creamy. This one was pretty much the opposite, a very light soup with a hint of basil. This very much hightened my appetite.

  • Along with soup, came a side of complementary masala papad. Presentation is the key, an antique looking jewellery box with shot glasses each holding rolled papad cones stuffed with your ususal onion/tomato. Say goodbye to the messy papads. Kudos to the papad, it did pass the coveted end of the meal soggy test.

Putting into a dillemma we were simultaneously presented with chat options.

  • I started off with the Dahi Bhalla Chaat. This was your ususal Dahi Wada, with a generous serving of Dahi. It does have a nice mix of sweet and spicy. Slightly sweeter, but my sweet tooth ain’t complaining.

  • Up next were the Golgappe shots. This presentation of having golagappe via shot glasses has become quite common nowadays. Albeit the shots missed option to mix and match the tangy tamarind with the spicy mint.

With the chaat session done, it was time for them appetizers.

  • A smoky Charcoal Mushroom was waiting to be devoured. These mushroom rings were stuffed with a generous amount of cheese. Definitely a must try.

  • The Indo Mexican Quesadillas made its entry next. I’m a big fans of Quesadillas. These were a fusion of Indian/Mexican. It was stuffed with cheese, beans ofcourse and bell peppers. It was served with cheese sauce, however I definitely missed Guac, Mexican without Guac is a complete NO-NO. Although if you haven’t tried Mexican heavily, this could definitely be a good entry point.

  • Naram Dil Kebabs, as the name suggests have a soft core with a hard crust. The core is stuffed with paneer, cheese and green peas and is deep fried giving it a crispy exterior. The stuffing was firm and it didn’t spill apart after having a bite. Kudos for that.

  • The kebab game was going strong when we were served with the broccoli and pesto kebabs. This one had stark resemblance with our homie, Hara Bhara Kebab. The stuffing was improvised with Broccoli and was served with pesto. 100% satisfied with the kebab department.

  • The fusion game introduced another twist with Kadai Pasta. Quite an interesting take. A cheesy pasta rich with tomato gravy served with a garlic kulcha. This hits the home run in the innovation department. The serving is HUGE. Quick tip, you could treat this like a hatke mains if you are not super hungry.

  • Finally it was time for the show-stopper instagrammy thali. The thali consists of:

    • Corn Palak: This has always been an interesting combination. Corn and palak complementing their flavours and was well done.
    • Methi Mutter Malai: Creamy and mildly sweet MMM. Just the way it got to be.
    • Paneer Delhi Style: A slightly lacklustre affair. The gravy seemed your usual onion/tomato paste.
    • Pindi Channa: This was your usual. Paired with the stuffed kulcha and this was just right.
    • Dal Delhi Highway: This boasts the name of the restaurant and it rightly does. Can’t do any better
    • Ghee Rice: Perfect companion to the amazing dal.
    • Tandoori Paneer Mini Kulcha: Always had a thing for them stuffed kulchas. Tried the Paneer mains with this kulcha and you are bound to go into instant food coma.
    • Jalebi Rabdi: What is it that you do, when you are stuffed to the core and see jalebi? You ask for an extra helping. This one certainly deserved the extra helping.
    • Kheer: The kheer which gives home feels <3
    • Lassi/Buttermilk: Ending the meal on a high with a thick lassi in a kullad


The service was quick and the server was knowledgeable about most parts of the menu. He was prompt in getting a senior when he wasn’t sure about the exact stuffings. So overall a good service.


  • Food: 4.0/5
  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Service: 4/5
  • Vfm: 4/5
  • Overrall: 4/5

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