Contributing to the Mozilla Codebase

Contributing to the
Mozilla Codebase

What are we going to cover?

  • Why code contribute?
  • Setting Up the Development Environment
  • Fixing Bugs

Why Code Contribute?


Get Credited

Impress People

Learn more about Software Engg.

Confirm to Coding Standards

Setting Up the Dev. Environment

Visit : CodeFirefox Video Tutorial

Getting the Firefox Source Code

Visit : CodeFirefox Tutorial

Fixing Bugs For Mozilla

Steps: Fixing Bugs For Mozilla

  1. Select a Mozilla Product

  2. Know Your Tools

  3. Find and Fix Bugs and Show Off !!

Select a Mozilla Product

  • Mozilla Products:
    • Firefox
      • Firefox for Desktop
      • Firefox for Android
      • Firefox for Metro
    • Firefox OS
    • Thunderbird
    • Seamonkey
    • Mozilla Services
    • And many more...

Know Your Tools!

  1. IRC
  2. Mailing Lists
  3. Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)
  4. Mercurial
  5. MXR
  6. Mach
  7. Bugzilla

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC Chat Client - Chatzilla, XChat....

#introduction, #india

Mailing Lists

Mozilla India Community -

Mozilla Developer Networks (MDN)

Treasure Trove of Documentation of the Open Web


Cross-platform, distributed version control tool

hg is the Mercurial command-line tool, Hg being the chemical symbol for the element mercury.


Cross reference designed to display the Mozilla source code

Search the source code for your keywords


German word for 'do'

Command-line interface to build source code and run tests


Web-based Bug Tracker | Mozilla Bug Database

Find, Fix and File Bugs here

Find Bugs

  • Bugs Ahoy! (Developed by Josh Matthews)
    • Lists all 'Good First Bugs'
    • Filter Bugs by Components/Language
  • Bugzilla

Steps: Fix Bugs

  1. Show your interest
  2. Research and Understand
  3. Write Code
  4. Upload Patch
  5. Loop untill you get a 'r+'

Example Bug that I had fixed !!